Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet Wilbur!

OK so I thought I would introduce Wilbur, this is the kitten we (being my friend Steph, the vet nurse, and I) bought for my best friend Nina for her house warming! Isn't he gorgeous, he's about 4mths old now and a terror. But we all love him...

By the way this is my best friends blog:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So as I have written below my blog title, there is one kitten that just dispises me and that is Sooty... :-) I don't know what it is, I think it might be because I kill her with kindness? If I pick her up she growls at me, then when I put her down she runs about three feet away and turns around and hisses at me! She doesn't like pats at all or brushes, her skin crawls when anyone touches her. What is it with cats like this, she was dumped in someones front yard for goodness sake!! I've done nothing but love and nurture her since she arrived, my friends would call me a very overprotective Mother if I had children. LOL. Poor Sooty she just doesn't like to be loved.... However she does like her food!!!!!! SHE IS FAT!

PS. I didn't put her in the bag, she got in there herself!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lovely whiskas!

I think the most amazing thing I love about Sooty is her whiskers! Aren't they gorgeous...

And this is Sweep once she had put on some weight!

Some more pictures...

So here are some more pictures of my kittens, this is what this blog is meant to be about after all! This is Sooty as a baby...

The Start...

Welcome blog world!! Bare with me as this is my first blog... Things could get crazy!

This is a blog mostly about my two cats, Sooty and Sweep. I can't guarantee that it will always be about them. Some days there might be family and friends, others there might be real estate & interior design?? Oh and cooking, I love to cook!

To get started though I'll talk about my cats. They are both at a similar age, 17mths. Sooty - the black one, I got conned into saving from my friend Steph the vet nurse. She was about 6 weeks old at the time and the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen (she is the one who doesn't think I should exist on this planet)! Sweep I saved off the street on a 35 degree day, she was skinny, and probably hadn't had food or water for at least a few days. Her fur was all wiry and yukky and I was told by my partner at the time that 'NO' this cat was not staying... :-) Well I had news for him!! I got the vet to check her out, no microchip! Yes, she was staying!!!!

I have had Sooty since January 2009, Sweep came along about 6 weeks later! Here are some early photo's of Sooty & Sweep.

This photo was taken when Sooty was about 4-5mths old? She looks like she is in that awkward growing stage! This is the age where they go crazy around the house all hours of then night keeping you awake. Something my best friend is finding out about right now